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Social Media Marketing (when done correctly) can be very profitable and yield serious returns, but the DIY can be challenging and hiring a full-time marketing team is expensive. That’s where Momentum comes in! Our team of marketing specialists are experts on the latest social media and content marketing trends. We keep up with the industry and translate our knowledge and talent into a strong social media strategy for your business. With one of our Social Media Momentum packages, you can get all the benefits with none of the effort.



Two Social Media Platforms

Three Posts Per Week

Four Monthly Graphics

So you know you need social media, but you don’t have the money or time to launch a full effort? Start Dabbling in social with this simple starter package.

Doing More


Three Social Media Platforms

Three Posts Per Week

Four Monthly Graphics

One Monthly Blog Post

Kick things up a notch with your social media strategy by adding blog development services! Start Doing More to keep up with your competitors online.

Digging In


Three Social Media Platforms

Five Posts Per Week

Four Monthly Graphics

Two Monthly Blog Posts

It’s time to try Digging In and getting serious about your social media marketing. Increase your posting and blogs to increase engagement opportunities.



Four Social Media Platforms

Daily Posts

Four Monthly Graphics

Four Monthly Blog Posts

Ready to topple your competitors off the charts? Start Dominating your social media strategy and watch your engagement, reach, and revenue rise.