Second Date
(aka: Email Marketing)

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Email marketing is an easy way to connect with past, current, and future customers. Deliver personalized messages directly to your audience’s inboxes! Email campaigns allow you to target specific audiences and get the word out about upcoming sales or events.

What to Expect:

  • Creation of One Email Template & Copy
  • Personalized Content for Your Brand & Audience
  • Optimization of Any Provided Content
  • Targeted Calls to Action
  • One Major & One Minor Round of Revisions
  • Summary of Campaign Results

What We Need:

  • 1-2 Hour Phone Call for Set-Up
  • Brand Info & Style Guidelines
  • Content & Promotions to Link to
  • Any Images You Want Included
  • Logo Files


Who will be the writer?

We have many copywriters on our team from various backgrounds and industry experience who are qualified to handle anything you throw at them! They will take the time to connect with you via phone or email and get all of the details. We provide a satisfaction guarantee for all of our work and know you’ll be satisfied with the final product!

What types of companies do you handle email marketing for?

This service is for any business that wants to engage with their customers.

Do I need to have a large email list for this service?

No, not at all! This service is for any company (large or small) and gives an opportunity to build your subscribers.


Satisfaction Guaranteed

  • Professional Team of Experts
  • No Retainers, No Contacts, Cancel Anytime
  • Fantastic Support