Filling My Calendar
(aka: Inbound Marketing Drip Campaign)


A properly designed drip campaign that uses a lead capture page and marrying it with a strong ad campaign will increase your digital lead capture by 10x. The good news is that we will do all of that for you. Then those leads that come pouring in will be put into the automated drip campaign. This is a group of custom emails that are sent out to your audience at strategic times during the sales/conversion process. This allows you to keep your customers moving down the sales funnel toward the ultimate goal of a purchase. With a properly set-up Drip Campaign, the open rates for your emails can increase by 80% higher than a single email and have, on average, 3x higher click-through rates. There is also an increase in response rates, sales-ready leads, and revenue.

What to Expect:

  • Determination of Your Target Audience
  • Email Strategy Development
  • Email Template & Copy Creation
  • Fully Automated Lead Funnel
  • Lead Capture Ad
  • Creation of Lead Capture Content
  • Insert Content Into Your Email Automation Software
  • Add Customer Leads List Into Automation Program
  • Test Email Flow to Ensure It’s Working
  • Begin Sending Emails to Leads

What We Need:

  • Previously Created Emails (If Any)
  • Brand Info & Style Guidelines
  • Any Images You Want Included
  • Information on Types of Emails You Want Created
  • Logo Files


What if I don’t have any email automation software? Can you recommend something?

Absolutely! We will recommend an email service that fits your business, depending on type and size and affordability.

Will there be revisions included?

Yes, we offer one major round of revisions and a second minor round if needed.


Satisfaction Guaranteed

  • Professional Team of Experts
  • No Retainers, No Contacts, Cancel Anytime
  • Fantastic Support